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  • 11/04/23: made a new layout for the home page!
  • 8/06/23: added self insert webring
  • 11/27/22: added colorstcg page
  • 11/12/22: interests page has actual working images now!
  • 11/06/22: added interests page
  • 10/11/22: changed the home layout. Might make an original layout but that is TBA
  • 6/23/21: Added a nostalgia page and also changed order of changelog
  • 12/23/20: changed the landing page and changed the home page title
  • 12/22/20: the site is now up



This site is basically a dump of my brain. Enjoy

I decided to make a website mostly because I need more creative outlets.

I really like many things such as anime, video games and watching youtube. Right now, I'm really into My Hero Academia and Sk8 the Infinity. I also like drawing (sometimes I write stories).

I happened to have a computer class in my high school that was an elective. This class taught me some basics of HTML. After that class, I sort of got into learning more about it. There's no particular reason why I chose the website name maybe except for aesthetic purposes.